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Since 2016, JML Modern has bridged the space between the everyday and eudaimonia - the human condition of living well & flourishing - through handcrafted wooden boxes, luxury humidors, and custom gifts. With these pieces, eudaimonia is accessible to all who enjoy the beauty in simplicity. Hundreds of happy customers and clients have found their joy through custom pieces, pieces from diverse and interesting series, and bespoke designs.

JML Modern is based in Milwaukee but is available in select retail outlets and the online shop

· clients ·

"I poured over hundreds, if not thousands, of jewelry box designs online, for a gift to my girlfriend to commemorate 5 years together. When I came across a box from JML Modern, it was love at first sight (much like my girlfriend!). So it was only fitting to get a gift so clearly head and shoulders above the rest for someone so special. The box is fantastic, even more beautiful in person. It’s a piece of artisanship that is going to stay with us forever."
-Travis, Chicago

"Having been familiar with the craftsmanship of JML Modern, I reached out to see if I could commission a memory box in honor of my late sister. I was involved in each step of the process, including being invited into the workshop to look at wood samples. The piece is a true work of art and such a treasured item in our household. It is sure to become a family heirloom, passed down for generations."

-Melanie, Milwaukee

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Tel: 414/322/4349

2408 S. 7th St., Milwaukee, WI 53215

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