Made primarily from a piece of Western Big Leaf Maple Burl, milled in 2021 in Utah, USA, this jewelry box is a show stopper. The wild swirls and curls of the burl figure pair wonderfully with the straight, tight grain of this quartersawn cherry.  Finishing the piece, and completing the contrast is an inlay of quartersawn sycamore, recalling both the straight grain of the cherry and the bright white of the maple. Lest this piece be too geometric, a pull of the burled maple completes the piece and adds an organic feature to it.


At 10" x 7" x 3", this lovely, red-velvet lined jewelry box is surprisingly light and slim while providing adequate space for all your jewelry storage needs.  It features five compartments to keep everything in its own place as needed, and is sure to be a treasured keepsake which will bring you joy when you see it on your nightstand or dresser.

Jewelry Chest · Cherry ·Sycamore · Maple Burl