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Part of the Experimental Series - 2023.


Breaking the mold of design and asking the question of what a box is and can be, our Experimental Series challenges the artist and the viewer to reimagine the form and function of boxes in our daily lives.


As with all of the Experimental Series, this object melds objete d'arte with function. Quartersawn Cherry, hand-carved over 50 hours by a single artisan, serves as the primary focus; an exploration of the natural forms of the sea.  This has been reinforced with sustainably harvested coral to act as the pulls forthe two drawers, which are carved in such a was as to let the grain continue across the face of this box.


Signed and dated 2023, this is a piece for consideration in your collection of the highest ideals of marriage of art & design at JML Modern.


Approx. 11"h x 5"w (top), 3 1/2"w (bot), square.

"Unending Depths" - 2023

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