"Ambit" - noun, 1. Circumference; circuit. 2.  Boundary; limit. 3. A sphere of operation or influence; range; scope. 4. The title of this box.

I've been in a mood recently to continue to push my personal envelope in terms of design, and this box is one such challenge.  Despite never before having working with curves in this manner, the knowledge base ive built up in a few years of box making made it relatively easy to pull off. I am very proud to present to you now "Ambit," my latest piece in a series of Grand Boxes.

Curly Quartersawn Walnut, Figured Maple, Maple Burl, Birdseye Maple, Textile. 16" l x 6 1/2" w x 4" h. Inner removable trays are 5"x 5".

Handmade Wooden Box "Ambit" • Walnut • Figured Maple