Many of the boxes I make are not particularly complicated, but a lot of thought goes into every single one, even if its just four sides + a lid. I'd been holding on to this piece of makore (the sides) for a while, and while the lovely creamy orange of tigerwood pairs well with just about everything, the highly-grained orange of makore often doesn't. Its also fairly dense and heavy, so using it in smaller boxes doesn't always work. Given that I try to keep lids as solid as possible, the next step was to find something that was large and also paired very well with the grain and color of the makore.

And I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me earlier, but why not pair it with something that's also very heavily figured with lots of grain? Enter: this crazy piece of spalted maple. I think its really a match made in heaven.

But contrast is also important! When it came time for a lift, putting something in the middle seemed gauche, and even if so, what? Here it turned into a wonderful opportunity to use some of my random, strangely shaped pieces of exotic wood. Adding this cocobolo to the front and overhanging it is a natural fit for the fingers, and the dense, dark purple matches wonderfully with the rest. Top it off with a red suede liner, and its a complete piece, and one you will be very, very happy to call your own.

Keepsake Box · Makore · Spalted Maple · Cocobolo