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Originally created in 2024 by JML Modern, The Modern Drybox is an attractive solution to leaving your cigars out on the table, in a drawer, or an old well-worn cigar box to dry.


Dryboxing is a crucial element in getting the fullest enjoyment out of your cigars.  The Modern Drybox is a humidor specifically made to reduce the moisture content of your cigars, enhancing the natural flavors of the tobacco and providing a cleaner, more even burn by reducing the possibility of unfortunate relights.


The Modern Drybox is Powered By Boveda, and includes 3x 49% RH packs to "reverse season" the 100% Spanish Cedar of the box.  With a capacity of 6 cigars in an attractive desktop-sized case, The Modern Drybox will stand the test of time in both engineered function and attractive design to provide you with a quality smoking experience for years to come.

The Modern Drybox - Color & Burl

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