This three watch box began its journey to you approximately 350 years ago, when a cherry seed germinated in the ground and began to grow. The tree existed then for several lifetimes of you and me, until it was taken down over 150 years ago and turned into a barn. The barn was later dismantled, and through the twists of fate, this particular piece of cherry made its way to me, where I have kept it for several years, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be remade anew.

And made anew it has been, as a place to keep your finest watches, held in a piece which rivals them in its own story. A bookmatched macassar ebony top shines in its own right, and the luxury suede leather interior with ebony dividers serve to continue the journey on of this one-of-a-kind heirloom keepsake.

Includes watch wrap pillows.

Three Watch Box • Old-Growth Cherry • Macassar Ebony