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Une Belle Soirée handmade humidors by JML are held to rigorous, exacting standards of design and craftsmanship.  Every one is made from high-quality wood and lined with 100% Spanish Cedar to regulate internal temperature and humidity. 


Shown here in brilliant Pommele Sapele, all Une Belle Soirée 100-125 count humidors are able to hold a minimum of 100 cigars - no overstating the capacity here!  Each humidor comes with a high quality digital hygrometer and Boveda humidification unit for 4 60-gram packs.


Pictured here is the Une Belle Soirée model with two adjustable dividers included.  If you would like trays, please select the correct option for your humidor below. Each tray is $50 additional.


Each Une Belle Soirée 100-125 count humidor is made custom, and is approximately a 4-week process & turnaround time. 

Une Belle Soirée - 125-150 Count Humidor

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