Tamo ash wood veneer is one of the most highly figured species available. It has a rolling figure similar to "quilt" but the shimmer is much stronger. This figure is often called "peanut" which is does not effectively describe the beauty of this veneer. Even in pictures, the iridescence does not fully show. Customers have described it as "3D" and compared it to water cascading over glass." - Veneersupplies.com

 Ripples and what look like bubbles coming up to the surface are primary characteristics of this rare wood from Japanese ash trees. I've paired it here with some lovely straight-grained and even-toned quartersawn cherry, and to accentuate its Japanese origin, lined the box with a japanese-inspired Sakura (cherry) fabric.


9 1/2" l x 6 1/2" w x 3" h

Valet Box · Cherry · Tamo Ash · Birdseye Maple